What's in my Box?

Do you love jewelry? What about jewelry that is crafted with healing gemstones and meaningful symbols?

Do you want more crystals and gemstones in your life? Do you want to know how to use them and learn about their healing properties?

How about Essential Oils? Maybe you can't get enough of 'em, or you're new to Mother Nature's botanical blisses... either way, we have the perfect blend for you! 

Zoe and Piper's Curated Collection Box includes a selection of jewelry, crystals, gemstones and aromatherapy products. Each month you'll receive a hand picked package chock full of goodies that will resonate with you on a Soul level.

Zoe and Piper jewelry is crafted from a number of mixed metals - sterling silver, gold fill, 24k gold plated sterling silver, 24k gold plated bronze or solid bronze. It is charged on a large slab of selenite, imbued with positive energy and finally charged with Merkaba energy. Merkaba energy is the bridge between the Body and the Spirit.

Our individual crystals and gemstones have been cleared in the Arizona sun, blessed and are ready to be programmed by the receiver.

We take our essential oils seriously! We only use the best 100% Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Roller blends and sprays are some of our favorite ways to use essential oils, but we'll also include full strength sample sizes and other fun oil products.

As seen on TV

Our jewelry has been featured on over 20 hit tv shows!

Earrings As Seen on Pretty Little Liars

Necklace As Seen on Veep

Necklace As Seen on Law & Order: SVU

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We have two subscription box options. Choose from a $39 ($70+ value) option or a $69 ($120+ value) option.

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